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Larry’s Country Diner Coffee Mug

12oz Ceramic LCD Logo Coffee Mug


Larry’s Country Diner KIDS Cup

Grap a set of these durable 14oz plastic cups. Comes in a set of 2.


Larry’s Redneck Sweet Tea Glass

32oz Redneck Sweet Tea Glass just like you see at the diner.


Nadine Coffee Mug

12 oz. Nadine Coffee Mug.


Redneck Dessert Glass

Enjoy your dessert in a 8 oz REDNECK DESSERT GLASS as seen on Larry’s Country Diner TV Show. You can appreciate the humor with a photo of Church lady “NADINE” on the lid and a hanging cross on a chain around the stem. Chocolate Pudding never tastes so good !!


Redneck Soap Dispenser

Mason jar soap dispenser. Can be used for lotion or soap!


Redneck Tea Glass

Redneck Tea Glass is great for sippin’ tea on the back porch!


Redneck Wine Glass

Redneck Wine Glasses are great for that romantic evening sippin’ wine with a TV Dinner.