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AK47 Larry’s Letter Campaign


If you would like to learn more about Project AK-47 and Larry’s heart for being a champion of the mission, please proceed to checkout with this item- It's FREE! You will receive a letter from Larry about how he heard about Project AK-47, why he cares about it so much, and how you can help.


CFR News Newspaper

12 Month Subscription to Larry’s Country Diner and Country’s Family Reunion News!s Stay up to date with stories on country music legends with photos, jokes, and fun recipes.


CFR News Year 3

Don't miss a single issue of our YEAR 3 of the CFR NEWSPAPER. 


CFR Newspaper Book Year 4

Don’t miss a single issue of our YEAR 4 of the CFR NEWSPAPER. We have preserved all of the articles and rare photos in this beautiful 8×10 color book. It is a real keepsake you will truly enjoy from cover to cover.


CFR Newspaper Renewal

Don’t miss a single issue !!! Because you have been a subscriber to the Country’s Family Reunion Monthly Newspaper we are offering you a SPECIAL renewal price. You will recieve 12 issues just like before except the newspaper renewal price is now $24.95


Diary of a TV Waitress

When you ask a Waitress a question…you are going to get an answer. Renae the Waitress from the hit TV show Larry’s Country Diner is telling it all in “ Diary of a TV Waitress” with 16 zany chapter titles like “ That’s No Waitress”, “Squeaky Door”, “ This isn’t Burger King “ “The Counter”. “Reservations” and more.


Larry’s Country Diner Cast Photo

8″x10″ color photo of the cast of Larry’s Country Diner.


Nadine Photo

8×10 color photo.