LCD Best Blue Plate Special

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Best Blue Plate Special!

Hey, it’s a diner! And at a diner you expect a blue plate special… well, have we got a great blue plate special served up for you. We’re calling it our BEST BLUE PLATE SPECIAL!

For a limited time only, the blue plate special we’re offering is a brand new collection called “Best of Larry’s Country Diner Performances Volume 1” and an all new Nadine Collection PLUS the great Jimmy Capp’s audio CD!

LCD Best performances has over 25 of the best performances from the Diner series!

And, you’ve been clamoring for some more Nadine comedy, so we’ve put together a brand new Nadine Comedy DVD that’s over 90 minutes long! With the Best of Larry’s Country Diner Performances, that’s over 3 hours of  video watchin’. PLUS you’ll also receive an audio CD with the great music from the diner as recorded by Jimmy Capps and Charley McCoy.

And this Best Blue plate special is just $49.95 plus 6.95 shipping.

So, once again, our best blue plate special including the brand new series’ Best of Larry’s Country Diner performances  Volume 1 and the all new Best of Nadine Volume 2, plus the Jimmy Capp’s audio CD—just 49.95 plus shipping.

Yep, it wouldn’t be a great diner without a great blue plate special served up just for you, our Larry’s Country Diner fans. Hope you enjoy! Order the Best Blue Plate Special today!