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We never thought our show would be such a huge success and people would want to travel from all over the US to come and be a part of our live studio audience! Well, we wish we could accommodate everybody who wants to come but unfortunately our table space is very limited and tickets go extremely fast.  So fast that we usually book all of the seats for the whole year in one day!


How It Works  

Please call our Customer Service number at 1-800-820-5405  to get put on our waiting list. Names are added chronologically based on when we received your call or email. We will then contact you and offer you several available taping dates in which you can choose from. Tickets are free! If one of the dates works with your schedule then we will send you further information on show times, scheduling, seating assignments and the tv studio location.

Please also remember that we are building a “REAL” Larry’s Country Diner in Bellevue, TN. This will be virtually a direct copy of the Larry’s Country Diner you see on TV but will be a real diner where you can come by and eat any time and you never know, you may see Renae the waitress and Nadine sitting at a table eating a piece of pie. Stay tuned for more details on it’s opening.